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Welcome to the Master Certified e-Factor Facilitator Network

Are you a coach, trainer, or practitioner who is passionate about Emotional Intelligence (EI)? Are you looking to grow your business, enhance your offerings, and create real, sustainable change in your clients' lives?

Join us in the Master Certified e-Factor Facilitator (MCeFF) programme. As an MCeFF, you will join an international network of professionals dedicated to using EI to facilitate personal growth, corporate development, and positive change.

A MCeFF is :

An EI Expert


As an MCeFF, you are trained in the theory and practice of EI. You harness this knowledge to manage emotions effectively, develop empathy, communicate efficiently, navigate social dynamics, and support decision-making in high-stress situations.

A Driver of Success


As an MCeFF, your primary goal is to drive client achievement. You use your expertise in EI to guide your clients towards their goals, creating bespoke development routes for each client based on their unique needs and capabilities.

Change Agents


By becoming an MCeFF, you join an international network of dedicated professionals working to create a more emotionally intelligent world. You collaborate with other professionals, share knowledge and experiences, and contribute to the continuous evolution of EI practice and theory.


Advancing Your Practice

As a certified MCeFF, you will become a vital link between the e-Factor architects Emotional Intelligence Academy (EIA) and individuals and corporations needing support to interpret their e-Factor results and translate these into actionable strategies.

While the EIA provides you with comprehensive EI modules and resources, we encourage you to design and provide your own bespoke development routes for your clients. You can integrate our core models, audio, video, pdfs, and research into your offerings, maintaining full control over delivery and financial/certification aspects.

Our goal is to create a high-quality global network of MCeFFs and connect them with toolset clients. Initially, the programme will operate in English. Still, we are eager to work with partners who can help translate the tools into multiple languages.

e-Factor MCeFF

A Word from the MCeFF Network

The power of the model is being validated extensively across global cultures and nations via the launch of a toolset that triangulates EI from three perspectives - Self-report, 360-report, and a KUSA assessment. A time-bounded situational judgement test (SJT) to simulate real-world application and probes/questions to determine their actual knowledge, skills, and capabilities across the EI spectrum. No other EI measure integrates three dimensions into one score.
Martin Tomek
Martin Tomek
Business Consultant - Emotionale Intelligenz
The e-Factor is a breakthrough assessment which for the first time enables people to get an objective EQ score which measures a person’s emotional intelligence ability and provides a pathway to 'zero-in' on the development areas needed to expand their level of emotional intelligence. Its unique methodology combines self-report, 360-degree feedback, and an objective situational judgement test to get a reliable EQ score that provides leaders and managers their true level of EQ.
Irvine Nugent
Dr. Irvine Nugent
Partner - COPIA Leadership
Compared to its predecessors, whose scientific foundation remained anchored in the past century, the E-factor tool propels us into the future. Introducing a comprehensive 360-degree evaluation e-Factor provides a holistic perspective on an individual's Emotional Intelligence.
Lizette Volkwyn
Lizette Volkwyn
Corporate Coach - Faceoff Pty LTD
This methodology is the first of its kind to be applied in the assessment of EI abilities. For this reason, the e-Factor® is the most accurate, research-based and verifiable EI assessment tool available.
David Stephens
David Stephens
CEO - Critical Insights

Join Us

Join us today in creating a more emotionally intelligent world. Train as an MCeFF, harness the power of the e-Factor, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of your clients.

MCeFF Programme Overview

The Investment:


Which includes:

  • 2 x 3-day live virtual training sessions to immerse you in the theory and practice of EI and guide you in using the e-Factor toolkit.
  • Master e-Factor Facilitator Assessment to validate your understanding and practical application of the e-Factor methodology.
  • 1x Personal e-Factor assessment, providing you a first-hand experience of the toolset.
  • 12x FREE e-Factor assessments for your clients (Value £1680), providing you with immediate resources for kick-starting your EI facilitation.

Annual Renewal: £3000, Includes:

  • 12x e-Factor assessments for your clients (Value £1680) ensuring continuity in your service offerings.
  • 50% discount on all additional assessments to make the e-Factor facilitation accessible to more of your clients.

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