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Turn 'Soft Skills' into a Competitive Advantage

Elevate your team's Emotional Intelligence (EI) to new heights with e-Factor, an innovative tool designed to uncover, analyze, and improve your workforce's emotional competencies. Empower your personnel to harness the power of EI, driving self-improvement, career growth, and overall corporate success.

The EQ Effect: Empowering Success

Unlock untapped potential and reap the benefits across various dimensions:

Customer Service

Customer Service

Boost customer satisfaction with superior service shaped by high EQ.

Academic Performance

Academic Performance

Empower your team with improved learning retention and higher performance.

Mental Well-being

Mental Well-being

Promote a healthier work environment through better stress management.

Career Progression

Career Progression

Equip leaders with the skills they need to climb the corporate ladder.



Foster resilience against job-related stress and improve overall productivity.


Relationship Satisfaction

Build better interpersonal connections and drive employee engagement.

Emotional Intelligence is ‘The ability to perceive, understand, and influence our own and others’ emotions, across a range of contexts, to guide our current thinking and actions, to help us to achieve our goals.’

Cliff Lansley
EIA Group


Elevate Your Team

e-Factor is a game-changer for corporations looking to optimize their talent and performance. By integrating e-Factor into recruitment and development processes, you can ensure a superior fit of candidates and cultivate team dynamics, leading to improved productivity, leadership, and employee retention.

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Lead with Empathy and Clarity

Leverage e-Factor, built on a robust EQ model, to transform your teams through enhanced emotional understanding. Adopt the power of triangulation and our advanced algorithm for a comprehensive, more accurate measure of your team's Emotional Intelligence.

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Set a New Standard

Surpass the conventional approaches with e-Factor's three-pronged assessment methodology. Experience the e-Factor difference through our scientific, ability-focused, user-friendly tool, bolstered by global support. e-Factor ushers in a new era in Emotional Intelligence measurement and improvement, paving the way for unprecedented success.

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